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How Does It Work?

It is a simple process for sending work to Accounting Resource.

  • Step 1 - Your firm signs a Service Agreement. We provide you with secure access to our website
  • Step 2 – Your firm attaches a Checklist for every job you send us.
  • Step 3 – Your firm follows our Checklist; backs up your client's General Ledger and Income Tax Returns; and scans additional documentation that we require (eg, bank statements, PAYG Payment Summary Statement, etc).
  • Step 4 – Your firm logs into the secured area of our website and uploads the files from Step 3 together with the data file provided by your client.
  • Step 5 – Our staff proceed to complete the required tasks and we will communicate with your office on any matters that may need clarification.
  • Step 6 – Final documents are electronically returned along with any updated relevant ledgers etc.

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